Friday, February 14, 2014

Sewing tales for the Holidays

It has been years since I posted on the blog, and much has changed since the last post.  I am now a grandmother of the most beautiful and amazing little girl.  She has changed my life in ways you can not imagine.  I want to be the best grandmother around!!! I remember when my daughters were young that we would go to my in-laws house and Danielle would always go in to play with grandma's bunny- a muslin bunny that went on many adventures with Danielle.  Now that Danielle has her own sweet girl, I want her to come to grandma's and have a favorite doll to play with.  I have been working on a contest and have of course left it to the last minute, less than three hours even.  So without further ado- I would like to introduce you to Nannie Gnome -



When I first heard about the contest on KidGiddy's facebook page- I got excited about making friends for my granddaughter to laugh and play with.  I know it will be a while before Olivia will be able to make up her own storys and actually play with Nannie, but I hope to have many friends made by then.   I love the sweet gnomes that Kerry has designed.  And look forward to making the lobster when  I have some more time.  I hope to make many of her designs.  Having raised my girls in Maine, I love the sweet designs in Chapter 2-Coastal Waters.   I love the memories of  the ocean, lobster dinners, and long walks on beach.  I hope to take Olivia there someday and show her the many places her mother loved .  Here is the first installment of many-

Welcome Olivia Marie!!

When Nannie received the joyful news that Olivia was finally born she jumped for joy!  Nannie had watch Olivia's mother Danielle many times as she played on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.  Nannie lived in the tall grasses, near the ocean at Ferry Beach State Park.  She would watch the many young children as they frolicked in the waters.  She loved to see Danielle, and her sisters Jessica, Melissa and Tara as they built sand castles and sunbathed.  
 But the girls grew up, went to college out west and moved away.   She knew they married wonderful men and hoped they would soon be mommies themselves.  Olivia is the first child of the Cookson girls, and she looks so much like her mommy. 
Olivia will grow up to love books, barbies and princesses and will love to go to her grandmas house- just like her mommy!! Hopefully she will like to craft with her grandma, to watch the RedSox with Grandpa, and sing like a her mommy and aunties.  Nannie can't wait for Olivia to visit her greatgrandparents in Maine, but until that time, Nannie decided make a Valentine for Olivia's first holiday.  She punched and cut and glued....


Happy Valentines Day

Sweet Olivia!!!

Nannie Loves You