Monday, August 9, 2010

So what did I do with my chicken??

Well, I made a wonderful chicken canape for my lunch and there is a leftover one if anyone wants to stop by for a visit.  Also chopped some of the chicken and added the extra onion that was left over from the canapes, added about 1 cup of bbq sauce to it and froze it- this will either be bbq chicken sandwiches or bbq chicken pizza, whatever we are in the mood for that night.  I also cubed some up and froze to use in chicken casserole, I took the last 1 1/2 breasts and cubed them up for chicken noodle soup.  There was plenty of juices left in the bottom of the pan so put the juices and onions from the original pan of breasts in a container with the chicken for the soup and froze it.  Will be easy to add a little broth, some carrots and celery and noodles and homemade chicken soup!!

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